Alex 1st May 2021

Martin I can’t stop picturing your smile & your laugh, they seem etched in my mind, along with how welcoming & kind to me you always were. From the first time we met & the toucan joke was born (much to Chris' embarrassment) you have always made me laugh - whether you meant to, or whether it was one of the many faux pas we seemed to share. I have always been so touched by how you welcomed me into your family, and I am so proud to be a Ragg. There isn’t a better Father-in-law around.....although who is going to top up my car oil now...or my glass of Baileys come to think of it. We will see you in Robyn & she will be reminded everyday of how much you loved her. She will no doubt become even closer to Grandma Noonie now and they will be the best of friends. Miss you so much