Duncan 3rd May 2021

Martin Ragg - you almost don’t need to put it into words, just take a look at the pictures. Beloved husband, amazing dad (and more recently grand dad), life and soul of the party and someone who just clearly loved life, friends and family. The memories stretch back a long way. The earliest ones probably being the annual 5 November “who could buy the biggest firework on North Grove Mount” contest. Purchasing the firework equivalent of an Exocet missile let us know early doors you didn’t do things half arsed! Moving on a few years, whenever I would come and pick Chris up to take him down to WGC, you’d always be there, pottering about in the garage, but you would always come over to the car, face with a beaming smile and ask how things were and what I was up to. You showed a genuine interest in others as opposed to just saying “hi”. Fast forward a few more years and the weddings have come and gone. Again, the pictures tell a thousand words. Great conversationalist, great sense of humour and all round a thoroughly nice chap. I’ll sure miss not having a catch up at the next event where you’d have been there. While you have left this earth far too early, one thing that has been clear in abundance is what high regard everyone holds you, and in particular, your family in. A rock solid, lovely family, that you and Jayne have built together, that will be a great legacy for the legendary Martin Ragg. You’ll never be forgotten. Duncan