Luke 1st May 2021

Martini.. When I think of you three things come to mind.. ** Me puking in a plant pot on your family holiday - great villa! ** Giving me my second home ‘ the cave’ at Croft end. ** You always had a story. You mean the world to Chris, Ben and Jess and I’ve never known a wife to love there husband as much as Jane loves you - truly beautiful. What is a great man? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and even googling... everything that it says is true about you. I just wanted to say you’ve bought up three amazing children who share your qualities and I know first hand from Chris what a special man he has been to me. If you knew some of these stories you would be even more proud of him than you already were. Chris, Ben and Jess will make sure everything’s ok and will stay strong. Rest in peace - you will be truly missed. P.S. I’ve turned into Chris’s Mojis delivery man. Always knew you loved a Mojis. Love Luke x