Richard 3rd May 2021

Martin You have been in my life since you were a ten year old living next door in Millbeck Green. We have stayed pals ever since, but you were more than a pal you became my second son. We have laughed together , got into scrapes together, talked bikes and cars together and gradually grew closer together as the years passed by. I have watched you mature into a principled man, a loving husband and a great Dad who never lost his sense of humour in the tough business of life and all the responsibility that comes with it. You were a kind and considerate man. I well remember you travelling unannounced to support me on my mother's funeral in 2000 in North London. An act of consideration and kindness typical of you. I will never forget you or your loss. You were a great example of a good, good man in all the important values in life and your legacy is your lovely wife and family. Richard