Suzanne 4th May 2021

The Best Brother In Law My bestest brother in law that is what I always called you, but you were more like a brother. How we have laughed over the years. So many lovely times we have spent together, holidays, going out , special occasions and recently working together. I always laugh when I get your receipts and you write a note on them, especially the Fish and Chip Friday ones...You had the funniest sense of humour . I knew you would be a fantastic father. When Chris was born you came back from the hospital to Mums and I remember opening the door and you crying and saying “He’s just perfect” You and Janie so perfect together it has been so lovely to watch you both grow together over the years. Such a fantastic team. I always knew you would take great care of my Janie and you did. You were a devoted husband, father and friend. When Janie and I were going on one of our mini adventures I would say to you “ Don’t worry about Janie I will look after her “ and you used to say “That’s what I am worried about” and again we would laugh. When I think of you Mart I just see you laughing and I can feel you giving me one of your bear hugs. I am going to miss you so very much. Love You xxxx Mart you were so caring and I echo everything everyone has also shared about you. Going to miss you wiping my headlights , that always made me laugh.